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About Hannah, designer & maker

circa 1973

circa 1973

I have always had a thing for jewellery - Mum said I didn't go anywhere without my beads as a toddler. I've always been a maker -the physical act of making and creating gives me such joy. Even as a child I had a huge collection of shiny beads in tiny pots which I made earrings and necklaces.

After a BA Hons degree in Fine Art at Cardiff and a spell at College of Charleston in the US, I studied silver smithing at night school while enjoying a career in Graphic Design.

I'm passionate about making and feel very lucky to call it ‘work’. I design and make all my jewellery from my sunny studio in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

I enjoy working with simple shapes and forms and love the endless possibilities of links and linear elements. I find inspiration in the everyday: from the soft-edged shapes of nature-worn organic forms such as seaside pebbles to the hard, graphic lines of industrial architecture and even road markings. My work is simple, contemporary and ultimately wearable. I love making jewellery and I make what I like to wear – I really hope you like it too!

Hannah x

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